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Aihara enju
Kanji 藍原延珠
Anime Black Bullet
AST 2014 (R1)
ISML 2015 (Nova, 25th)
Seiyuu Rina Hidaka

Character Profile Edit

“I won’t let you kill people,” – a simple pledge, but one that can be all too hard to carry out.

Meet AIhara Enju, the person who made that promise. Young and always with a smile on her face, this child is a member of humanity’s last line of defense against a zombie-like threat.

While Enju does her best not to let the dire circumstances surrounding her get her down, what hides beneath her smile is a fragile heart ready to overflow and burst with emotion. The memories of countless battlefields and the cruelty of the very society Enju struggles to protect are a terrible burden on her small shoulders. But she has to carry on to her ultimate goal – to see other children like her able to live normal lives.

Enju lives out her life like any normal child her age would – she goes to school, plays with her friends, and enjoys her favorite cartoons on TV. But when duty calls, no matter where she is, she will leap to the scene immediately.

That is how she is – seemingly carefree, but in fact duty-oriented. She must save the innocent lives that might be lost should she not make it to the scene in time.

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