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Elaina is the titular protagonist of the light novel and anime series Wandering Witch. Her witch name is The Ashen Witch.

Contest profile[]

Elaina emerged as one of the most popular girls to come out of the Fall 2020 lineup partly due to the LN's established fanbase, and gained more fans because of her cute and hot as fuck design. She won ISML's corresponding seasonal diadem by beating seasonal rival Tsukasa Tsukuyomi in the main bracket's final. However, she had less luck in the r/anime counterpart as she fell to Tsukasa in the Fall semifinals, and then crashed out of the second round to Katarina in the "Best Girl of the Year" contest. In Korea, she was voted as the winner of the 2020 Aniplus character tournament, notably defeating former Aketo winners Chino and Megumi Katou along the way.

Because of Elaina's popularity in East Asian countries, users in the Chinese forum ISML Tieba in the Baidu website have speculated her potential to be the strongest performing debutant in the ISML 2021 main tournament, which she immediately fulfilled to expectations, as the witch led the 2021 regular season in wins alongside last year's runner-up Misaka. She later confirmed her status as a Tiara contender by defeating Mashiro Shiina in Emerald 5, then winning her first necklace award in that period. In Playoffs, She became the 4th First-Year Winner defeating Mikoto in the final, due to the massive support of Korean fanbases.

The witch's earliest eligible Best Girl appearance will be the ninth edition held in 2022.

ISML record[]

ISML Profile Flavor Text (May contain spoilers)

Who's that young, beautiful girl flying in the air where even the wind dances with her ash-colored hair? Yes, it's her: Elaina.

Elaina is the very definition of pride. After all, not everyone can claim that they graduated from the academy at the age of 14 and become a full-fledged witch at the age of 15. And, Elaina had to work very hard to do so in such a short amount of time, studying day at night, focusing all her free time conjuring spells. She has every right to be a little selfish about her demands.

All those who loathe her have no choice but to admire her. After all, her ego is not just for show. She can easily back up her word with her powerful incantation of spells. Whether it is reversing time to fix broken objects and buildings, defeating powerful enemies, or assisting witches in theoretical tasks, there is nothing Elaina is not capable of. This young witch is capable of defying expectations, and she flaunts it.

With great power comes great responsibility, and the person most critical of her thoughts and actions is herself. She knows that she is a traveler. She knows that she is an outsider entering the lives of other power. And even if she wants to do more for the people she has acquainted herself with, she cannot. Settling in would mean giving up her dreams of traveling the world, which she cannot afford to lose. Such is the life she has chosen as a wandering witch.

And so, Elaina flies on, hoping to one day create a novel just like the one that inspired her to be a witch, but better. After all, she is Elaina - nothing short of perfection.

Seasonal & Exhibition[]

Seasonal Diadem: 2020 Fall

  • Elim. round (Max 16, approval, PO 1): 6294, 1st / 30th, Advanced
  • T16 plate.png (PO 2): (16) Ayumu ll.png Ayumu Uehara @ Love Live! Nijigasaki, 5896 - 2083
  • Qf plate.png (PO 3): (8) Hina god.png Hina Satou @ Kamisama ni, 6983 - 2305
  • Sf plate.png (PO 4): (4) Saya majo.png Saya @ Wandering Witch, 6144 - 1853
  • Final plate.png (PO 5): (2) Tsukasa tsu.png Tsukasa Tsukuyomi @ Tonikaku Kawaii, 5897 - 5045
  • Inter-seasonal (PO 6): (Spring) Kei s.png Kei Shirogane @ Kaguya-sama, 6410 - 5137

ISML Couples / Ships 2020 - seed 31 (w/ Saya majo.png Saya)

  • T32 plate.png (Ruby Gem): (2) Adachi.png Shimamura.png Adachi x Shimamura @ AdaShima, 3633 - 2575
  • T16 plate.png (Dia 3): (18) Natsuki n.png Yuuko euph.png Natsuki x Yuuko @ Euphonium, 3519 - 2318
  • Qf plate.png (Dia 4): (26) Maki ll.png Nico ll.png Maki x Nico @ Love Live!, 3742 - 3995

Main Tournament[]

ISML 2021
Directly Invited (2020 fall diadem)
Preliminary R1: 3187 (1st / 42nd)
Preliminary R2:
2459 (1st / 11th)
ARP: 1, CVP:3.006, Seeded 2nd
Stage Rd Opponent Score W-L?
Split 1
Group B
1st (5W 0L)
Aqua 1 Saya majo.png Saya (Wandering Witch) 2621 - 394 ~W
Aqua 2 Origami.png Origami Tobiichi 2575 - 1138 ~W
Aqua 3 Yui Hirasawa Yui Hirasawa 3381 - 1742 ~W
Aqua 4 015.png Ichigo (DitF) 3233 - 1900 ~W
Aqua 5 Yui yuigahama.png Yui Yuigahama 2811 - 1863 ~W
Split 2
Group A
1st (15W 0L)
Tpz 1 Krul.png Krul Tepes 2325 - 722 ~W
Tpz 2 Megumin.png Megumin 1412 - 1127 ~W
Tpz 3 Hina amano.png Hina Amano 1464 - 700 ~W
Tpz 4 Kanna.png Kanna Kamui 1947 - 1333 ~W
Tpz 5 Tsukasa tsu.png Tsukasa Tsukuyomi 2012 - 1381 ~W
Amet 1 Tohka.png Tohka Yatogami 1861 - 903 ~W
Amet 2 Saber.png Saber 1388 - 835 ~W
Amet 3 Ruiko.png Ruiko Saten 1840 - 933 ~W
Amet 4 Tohru dragon.png Tohru (Dragon Maid) 2404 - 1381 ~W
Amet 5 Asuna.png Asuna Yuuki 2415 - 1937 ~W
Sapp 1 Shinobu kny.png Shinobu Kochou 2291 - 985 ~W
Sapp 2 Ginko s.png Ginko Sora 2533 - 1374 ~W
Sapp 3 Yui Hirasawa Yui Hirasawa 2173 - 1138 ~W
Sapp 4 Sagiri.png Sagiri Izumi 2468 - 1326 ~W
Sapp 5 Emilia.png Emilia 2297 - 2018 ~W
Split 3
Group ?
Eme 1
Eme 2
Eme 3
Eme 4
Eme 5
Ruby 1
Ruby 2
Ruby 3
Ruby 4
Ruby 5
Dia 1
Dia 2
Dia 3
Dia 4
Dia 5
CO 1
CO 2
CO 3
CO 4

Gem Record

  • Appearances: 5 (as of 2021)
  • 2021: Aquamarine (4th), Topaz (3rd), Amethyst (3rd), Sapphire (3rd), Emerald (Winner!)

Poster gallery[]

Other tournaments[]


Seasonal Salt: 2020 Fall - seed 5

  • T64 plate.png (60) Puppeteer (Fire Force) 918 - 104 (89.82%)
  • T32 plate.png (28) Taeko Nagafuji 440 - 102 (81.18%)
  • T16 plate.png (12) Aurora rhys.png Princess Syalis 374 - 220 (62.96%)
  • Qf plate.png (4) Template:Pieck Pieck Finger 497 - 369 (57.39%)
  • Sf plate.png (1) Tsukasa tsu.png Tsukasa Tsukuyomi 392 - 435 (47.4%)

Best Girl of 2020 - seed 8

  • T32 plate.png (25) Eresh fate.png Ereshkigal (Fate) 643 - 358 (64.24%)
  • T16 plate.png (9) Katarina.png Katarina Claes 400 - 484 (45.25%)

Aniplus Character Tournament[]

Aketo 2020

  • TBW

Aniplus Character Tournament 2020 - Champion


Contest wins = 7 (ISML Heavenly TiaraAniplus Character Tournament Winner (

  1. ISML 2020 Fall diadem (seasonal)
  2. ISML 2021 Heavenly Tiara ★
  3. Aniplus Character Tournament 2020[1]
  4. Anime Empire Female White Hair Competition 2021 [2]
  5. Mimori Manga & LN - AMAK tournament waifu 2021 [3]
  6. Bilibili Minimoe ACG animation character tournament 2021 [4]
  7. Anime Indonesia Part terakhir Banh 2022 [5]

Runner-up Lists[]

Non-contest honours[]

Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! female character rankings

  • 2019: 10th, 2020: 6th

External links[]

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