Elaina is the titular protagonist of the light novel and anime series Wandering Witch. She emerged as one of the most popular girls to come out of the Fall 2020 lineup partly due to the LN's established fanbase, and gained more fans because of her cute (and hot as fuck) design. The Ashen Witch won ISML's corresponding seasonal diadem, beating seasonal rival Tsukasa Tsukuyomi in the main bracket's final. However, she had less luck in the r/anime counterpart, falling to Tsukasa in the Fall semifinals, and then crashed out of the second round to Katarina in the "Best Girl of the Year" contest.

Because of Elaina's popularity in East Asian countries, users in the Chinese forum ISML Tieba in the Baidu website have speculated her potential to become the strongest performing debutant in the ISML 2021 main tournament, with some predicting the witch to appear (or even win) in necklace rounds and reach the extremely competitive playoffs stage.

Elaina's earliest eligible Best Girl appearance will be the ninth edition held in 2022.

Match history[edit | edit source]

ISML[edit | edit source]

Overall Record[edit | edit source]


Main Tournament[edit | edit source]


Seasonal & Exhibition[edit | edit source]

ISML Seasonal & Exhibitions history
Rd Opponent Score Series Prd.
2020 Fall - seed 1
Groups 30 players 6294 (1st) N/A PO 1
Ro16 (16) Ayumu ll.png Ayumu Uehara 5896 - 2083 Love Live! Nijigasaki PO 2
QF (8) Hina god.png Hina Satou 6983 - 2305 Kamisama ni PO 3
SF (4) Saya majo.png Saya 6144 - 1853 Wandering Witch PO 4
Final (2) Tsukasa tsu.png Tsukasa Tsukuyomi 5897 - 5045 Tonikaku Kawaii PO 5
I-S Rd 2 Kei s.png Kei Shirogane (Spring) 6410 - 5137 Kaguya-sama PO 6
ISML Couples / Ships 2020 - seed 31 (w/ Saya majo.png Saya)
Ro32 (02) Adachi.png Shimamura.png Adachi x Shimamura 3633 - 2575 Adachi and Shimamura Ruby Gem
Ro16 (18) Natsuki n.png Yuuko euph.png Natsuki x Yuuko 3519 - 2318 Sound! Euphonium Dia 3
QF (26) Maki ll.png Nico ll.png Maki x Nico 3742 - 3995 Love Live! SIP Dia 4

AnimeBracket[edit | edit source]

Seasonal Salt & Exhibition[edit | edit source]

r/anime Seasonal Salt & Exhibitions history
Rd Opponent Score Series VF%
2020 Fall - seed 5
Ro64 (60) Puppeteer 918 - 104 Fire Force (S2) 89.82%
Ro32 (28) Taeko Nagafuji 440 - 102 Adachi and Shimamura 81.18%
Ro16 (12) Aurora rhys.png Aurora Suya Rhys Kaymin 374 - 220 Sleepy Princess 62.96%
QF (4) Template:Pieck Pieck Finger 497 - 369 Attack on Titan (S4) 57.39%
SF (1) Tsukasa tsu.png Tsukasa Tsukuyomi 392 - 435 Tonikaku Kawaii 47.4%
Best Girl of 2020 - seed 8
Ro32 (25) Eresh fate.png Ereshkigal 643 - 358 Fate/Grand Order 64.24%
Ro16 (9) Katarina.png Katarina Claes 400 - 484 Hamefura 45.25%

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Honours[edit | edit source]

List of Contest wins[edit | edit source]

Total wins: 2 (including seasonals)

  1. ISML 2020 Fall diadem
  2. Aniplus Character Tournament 2020 (aketo.aniplustv.com), Namuwiki link

Non-Contest Honours[edit | edit source]

Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! female character rankings

  • 2019: 10th, 2020: 6th

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ISML Seasonal Diadem Winners
Legend: WN: Winter, SP: Spring, SU: Summer, FA: Fall / Autumn
2012 WN: Ririchiyo.png Ririchiyo SP: Kyh.png Kuroyukihime SU: Asuna.png Asuna FA: Rikka chuuni.png Rikka
2013 WN: Kurousagi.png Black Rabbit SP: Kurumi.png Kurumi SU: Kyouko k.png Kirigiri FA: Mirai.png Mirai
2014 WN: Chitoge.png Chitoge SP: Shiro1.png Shiro SU: Chiyo s.png Chiyo FA: Isuzu.png Isuzu
2015 WN: Megumi k.png Meguri SP: Isla1.png Isla SU: Nao.png Nao FA: Mitsuki.png MitsukiND SEQ
2016 WN: Megumin.png Megumin SP: Rem.png Rem SU: Aoba.png Aoba FA: Chitose.png Chitose
2017 WN: Kanna.png Kanna SP: Chtholly.png Chtholly SU: Suzune.png Suzune FA: Nayuta.png Nayuta
2018 WN: Violet.png Violet SP: Ochako.png UrarakaND SEQ SU: Platelet.png Platelet FA: Maisan.png Mai-san
2019 WN: Kaguya.png Kaguya SP: Fumino.png Fumino SU: Gray.png Gray FA: Ishtar.png Ishtar
Legend: WN: Winter, SP: Spring, SU: Summer, FA: Fall / Autumn
2020 WN: Kotoko.png Kotoko SP: Kei s.png Kei ShiroganeSEQ SU: Chizuru i.png Chizuru FA: TBD
2021 WN: SP: SU: FA:
2022 WN: SP: SU: FA:
2023 WN: SP: SU: FA:
2024 WN: SP: SU: FA:
2025 WN: SP: SU: FA:
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