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A contestant is said to be cursed when they have a consistent history of NOT winning a major contest despite performing well throughout the event. Bonus points if they always lose at a certain stage.

Current Examples



  • Mashiro Mashiro Shiina - Biggest example. She always gets to the postseason and then loses in the semi-finals without fail. Her semis curse is ongoing for five years, since 2015.
  • The Fate franchise is one of the strongest factions in the tournament, boasting a long history and a fuckton of gem awards won by their characters. However, they can't seem to win the grand prizes: Tiara and Scepter, and only two of its players made the grand final at all: Archer Archer in 2018, and his master Rin tohsaka Rin Tohsaka in 2019. A combination of anti-Fate sentiment and tactical voting may have played a part in its snubbing of the title.

Broken Curses

  • Shana Shana - Her curse is finally broken when she won ISML's Tiara in 2016. Before that, she had to endure a lot of painful defeats, most notably her two losses in the final against Hinagiku1 Hinagiku Katsura: one in the 2007 Korea contest where she lost by only two votes, and another in ISML 2009 where she fell short by 11 votes.
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