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im very sorry to previous admins here, but the character sample is wholly outdated. so i blanked this page to be replaced with a new one. don't worry, it's still intact in the history section.

reject humanity, return to monke.

How do you do this?[]

first things first[]

if you dont have an account, create now because you'll miss out on other features such as uploading images.

  • PC is recommended when dealing with tables and templates. Oh so many tables
  • Mobile editing is only recommended for text edits, like profiles and characteristics

Lead section[]

Saimoe wiki character profile link:
Requires Photoshop CS6 and the following fonts:

  • Neuropol X Free
  • Microsoft JhengHei (Arial can be used if not available)
  • Just search a suitable image for the desired character (preferably without text in background), paste it, fill the necessary info, and upload image to wiki.

Character template:
I use the CharacterInfov2 template. Link:

Copy this in source editor

Example usage:

|bkg= background color HEX value
|font= font color HEX value
|title1 = {{PAGENAME}}<br><span style="font-size:13px;">ISML NAME</span>
|image1 = 
|gender =Male / Female / Sexless / Unknown
|series =<abbr title="JP: Japanese title here">''English seriesname here''</abbr>
|source media =Anime / Light novel / Manga / Visual novel / Video games / Cartoons
|debut =year and season (Ex. Fall 2002)
|voice='''JP:''' Japanese voice actor<br>'''EN:''' English voice actor
|japanese = 
|chinese =
|korean = 
|isml main app=
|isml main best=
|isml toc best=
|isml seasonal=
|isml necklace=
|isml pendant=
|bg app=
|bg best=
|seasonal salt=
|bguy app=
|bguy best=
|bchar app=
|bchar best=
|bmoe app=
|bmoe best=
|ast app=
|ast best=
|kbm app=
|kbm best=
|gamefaqs app=
|gamefaqs best=
|queen v app=
|queen v best=
|king v app=
|king v best=

This is the lead section.