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This article covers an upcoming event. Information in this article is subject to change and may not reflect the latest version.
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seriously? best girl 9?
if anyone is still interested in the contest that is...


Scheduled to begin in June 2022.

Rules & Tournament Format[]

All voting rounds begin and end at 18:00 Eastern Standard Time (UTC-4). (15:00 Pacific, 22:00 UTC, 06:00 Beijing)

Voting poilcy

  • You must register or login to a reddit account in order to vote.
  • Accounts must be at least 2 months old.
  • NO CROSSPOSTING / BRIGADING / LINKING the contest to other subreddits.


  • Lasts 2 days
  • Enter name, series, image URL address
  • Image links must come from MyAnimeList or Anilist, otherwise the nomination will be deleted
  • Females only. Sexless characters with feminine appearance are allowed, but males (traps) are not.
  • Characters who have made their animated debut in 2021 Summer or later are NOT allowed. (that's right, No Komi san.png Komi-san, No Jolyne.png Jolyne, No Template:Makima Template:Power csm Template:Reze Chainsaw Man girls.)
  • Best Girl champions Kurisu.png Yukino.png Mikoto.png Rin tohsaka.png Rem.png Asuna.png Kaguya.png Maisan.png and Best Character winners Hitagi.png Shinobu Oshino are also NOT allowed.
  • Check the entrants list first to prevent repeat nominations


  • Voters will choose the characters they want to participate in the main bracket stage.
  • All nominees are divided into 4-6 groups. (depending on nominees)
  • Each group lasts 1 day
  • Approval voting - Vote whoever you like; there is no limit.
  • 512 players with the highest adjusted votes will advance to the main bracket.
  • Series Limit: maximum of 5 characters per series.

Main Bracket

  • 512 players, single-elimination
  • Seeded by results in the previous stage
  • Rounds 1-6 are split into 4 groups per round; each group lasts one day
    • Round 1 Group A lasts 2 days instead in order to give users time to fill out their bracket predictions.
  • Quarter-finals and beyond will last one day each
  • A consolation match for third-place, if available, will be held in a separate website.
  • If a match is tied, the higher-seeded contestant wins.


With Kaguya and Mai gone, Best Girl 9's playing field looks wide open once again, but obviously last year's Elite Eight remain as contenders:

  • Megumin and Aqua are boosted from Konosuba season 3 announcement, and are still favored to make it deep because they can.
  • Chika and Hayasaka also remain tournament favorites, and the promise of what Kaguya-sama season 3 would bring might be all these girls need to possibly become the 1st series to win two Best Girl contests
  • Holo is practically guaranteed at least top 16; furthermore some users want to perpetuate the "eternal bridesmaid curse" and possibly a "Holo vs Megumin IV" rematch
  • Emilia's performance after Re:Zero season 2 will become stable
  • Shouko Nishimiya has no tournament history or recent anime releases to speak of, which makes her an underdog. Replicating her Best Girl 8 run is very difficult - if not outright impossible - especially if she runs into an unlucky match-up early on.

Notable newcomers:

  • Chizuru i.png Chizuru Ichinose (Kanokari, 2020 Summer) - Waifuism, appealing artstyle, Simps. As the main girl of a very popular (but also seen as "trashy") manga series, she is expected to reach at least round 4 (last 64). Possible chance that season 2 airs in spring or summer 2022, which will undoubtedly help her chances, but recent manga chapters could affect her bracket performance.
  • Nobara.png Nobara Kugisaki (Jujutsu Kaisen, 2020 Fall) - Fall 2020 winner, very popular sakuga-fest shonen series, JJK 0 movie hype.
  • Tsukasa tsu.png Tsukasa Yuzaki (Tonikawa, 2020 Fall) - Best Girl of 2020 winner, season 2 hype, but a bit weaker than most of the newcomers in this list. May reach round 5 (top 32) at best.
  • Elaina.png Elaina (Wandering Witch, 2020 Fall) - Much stronger in East Asian countries, but she may reach top 64 here or better if the region's voters catch wind of this contest and coordinate their votes
  • Roxy.png Roxy and Eris mt.png Eris (Mushoku Tensei, 2021 Winter) - praised by many redditors as one of the best isekai anime, and has a very high thread karma to show for it. Unlike the MC Rudy, who is widely hated by users for his pedophilic tendencies, the show's main two waifus Roxy (a flat-chested adult witch with a child-like body) and Eris (a fire-using redhead tsundere) are more favorably received by fans.
  • Lena.png Lena (86, 2021 Spring) - her show's episode threads boast a high karma count on r/anime, and is widely praised for its faithfulness to the source material and cinematography. She also holds a loyal fanbase.
  • Nagatoro.png Nagatoro-san (2021 Spring) - Season 2 boost; very popular among Western audiences, but may suffer from anti-votes because of her bully / teasing nature.


  • Mikasa (aot season 4)
  • Tohru (dragon maid s2), Kanna is voted out because she's a loli
  • the usual secondaries of popular series (Kei, Rio, Koga, Kaede, Yunyun, Wiz, Ram, Beako, Komachi, Hiratsuka-sensei)
  • Monogatari (appears declining, but it all depends on their opponent)
  • K-On girls (mostly Yui, Mio and Azunyan)
  • Chitanda
  • Yuigahama and Iroha
  • ......


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