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This article covers an upcoming event. Information in this article is subject to change and may not reflect the latest version.

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seriously? best girl 9?
if anyone is still interested in the contest that is...


Scheduled to begin in June 2022.

Rules & Tournament Format[]

All voting rounds begin and end at 18:00 Eastern Standard Time (UTC-4). (15:00 Pacific, 22:00 UTC, 06:00 Beijing)

Voting poilcy

  • You must register or login to a reddit account in order to vote.
  • Accounts must be at least 2 months old.
  • NO CROSSPOSTING / BRIGADING / LINKING the contest to other subreddits.


  • Lasts 2 days
  • Enter name, series, image URL address
  • Image links must come from MyAnimeList or Anilist, otherwise the nomination will be deleted
  • Females only. Sexless characters with feminine appearance are allowed, but males (traps) are not.
  • Characters who have made their animated debut in 2021 Summer or later are NOT allowed. (that's right, No Komi san.png Komi-san, No Template:Jolyne Jolyne, No Template:Makima Template:Power csm Template:Reze Chainsaw Man girls.)
  • Best Girl champions Kurisu.png Yukino.png Mikoto.png Rin tohsaka.png Rem.png Asuna.png Kaguya.png Maisan.png and Best Character winners Hitagi.png Shinobu Oshino are also NOT allowed.
  • Check the entrants list first to prevent repeat nominations


  • Voters will choose the characters they want to participate in the main bracket stage.
  • All nominees are divided into 4-6 groups. (depending on nominees)
  • Each group lasts 1 day
  • Approval voting - Vote whoever you like; there is no limit.
  • 512 players with the highest adjusted votes will advance to the main bracket.
  • Series Limit: maximum of 5 characters per series.

Main Bracket

  • 512 players, single-elimination
  • Seeded by results in the previous stage
  • Rounds 1-6 are split into 4 groups per round; each group lasts one day
    • Round 1 Group A lasts 2 days instead in order to give users time to fill out their bracket predictions.
  • Quarter-finals and beyond will last one day each
  • A consolation match for third-place, if available, will be held in a separate website.
  • If a match is tied, the higher-seeded contestant wins.

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