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Asuna Yuuki is the main female protagonist of Reki Kawahara's light novel series Sword Art Online and its anime adaptation by the studio A-1 Pictures.

Asuna is one of the most famous girls in the 2010's, maintaining a strong presence in the major saimoe tournaments. In ISML, she is a perennial Tiara contender and a regular necklace winner, having won five necklace rounds plus a circlet from winning the 2014 Nova postseason round. In addition to that, Asuna has never missed the postseason in all of her Main Tournament appearances, reaching the quarter-finals in 2014 and 2018, and securing a third-place finish in 2017.

In China's Bilibili Moe, Asuna is one of the contest's powerhouses owing to the anime's immense popularity in the country, which was demonstrated by the Flash finishing third in its inaugural edition. In 2017, her championship run was cut short in the quarter-finals after she was matched up against a rampaging Shielder hell-bent on destroying anyone who opposes her path towards the championship.

Sword Art Online is infamous for being widely panned in the Western anime community, and one of its discussion centers, the r/anime subreddit, generally shares its sentiments. Although she made the quarterfinals in r/anime's Best Girl 1, her subsequent runs were lacking in strength because of her association with SAO, and her reputation as a "baby's first waifu".

However, in an ironic twist of fate, her first ever major tournament win would come from Reddit (not a Chinese-majority contest such as ISML or BMoe). After the first season of SAO's Alicization aired in late 2018, Asuna suddenly sprouted into the minds of anime watchers, resulting in her securing the highest-ever seed (#4) in Best Girl 6 in 2019. In the bracket stage, her closest match would occur in the round of 32, narrowly winning against an r/Animemes-supported Zero Two brigade. Asuna then blew out all of her remaining opponents en route to her championship, supported by a whole slew of circumstances that made the perfect storm for her to easily cement her place in the salts of fame.

International Saimoe LeagueEdit

ISML 2013Edit

  • Regular season icon Nova 5th (32-0-3)

ISML 2014Edit

  • Regular season icon Nova 4th (32-0-3)

Nova Swiss Rounds (Phase 1) - seed 4

Finals Bracket (Phase 2) - seed N1

Final postition: 10th

ISML 2015Edit

Stella Swiss Rounds -

Tara Playoffs (Phase 2) - seed S4

  • Top 16 icon Loss vs (N5) Yoshino, 2771 - 4896
    • Consolation icon Loss vs x, xxxx - xxxx
    • Consolation icon Win vs x, x - x

Final position: 6th

Best Girl ContestEdit

Best Girl 1 (2014) - seed 8

Best Girl 2 (2015) - seed 25

Best Girl 3 (2016) - seed 44

Best Girl 4 (2017) - seed 43

Best Girl 5 (2018) - seed 59

Best Girl 6 (2019) - seed 4

Defunct TournamentsEdit

Bilibili Moe 2015Edit

Round of 128 Groups

Pic Contestant Series Votes
Asuna Yuuki Sword Art Online 35,902
Utaha Kasumigaoka Saekano 16,415
Akari Akaza Yuru Yuri 13,075
Japanese cruiser Takao Kantai Collection 4940

Bracket Stage

Bilibili Moe 2017Edit

Round of 128 Groups

Pic Contestant Series Votes TLV
Asuna Yuuki Sword Art Online 90,073 2512
Medusa lancer
Medusa (Lancer) Fate/Grand Order 11,660 49
Akagi kc
Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi Kantai Collection 9659 40
Hikari Yagami (Kari Kamiya) Digimon 8298 63

Bracket Stage

Anime Saimoe TournamentEdit





Contest HonoursEdit



Bilibili Moe

Non-Contest AwardsEdit

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