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Archer is a primary character featured in Type-Moon's visual novel Fate/stay night. He first appears in the visual novel as the eponymous Archer-class Servant of Rin Tohsaka. Archer plays the most prominent role in the novel's second route, Unlimited Blade Works, where the circumstances regarding his true identity and his relationship with the protagonist Shirou Emiya are revealed.

Archer is one of the most popular male characters in the Fate franchise. He experienced a surge in power owing to his route being animated in the mid-2010's, which continues to the present day. He holds the joint-most number of pendants won in ISML with four awards (shared with Hachiman Hikigaya), and has come close to winning the championship in 2018,  suffering a massive loss in the final against the same guy.

Archer's highest achievements elsewhere include the quarter-finals in r/anime's Best Guy 1, and third place in the 2018 edition of Bilibili Moe (as EMIYA), where he lost in a canon battle against his past self.

ISML Profile Flavor TextEdit

A messy room is not the softest landing out there, but Archer will make due with it.

Archer only has a vague recollection of who he is, which is not the best state to be in when about to take part in a war. However, he understands his purpose well enough, and has no qualms about carrying it out. The mage who summoned him might have a sharp tongue and a short temper, but at least she is more than capable in her craft, which is just what Archer wanted.

Archer is a man of conflicting characteristics. He would refuse to help someone who does not meet his standards, yet he will move to save the same person, even against his better judgment. Archer prefers ending things as quickly as possible, but knows when it is necessary to retreat and rethink one's strategy. Archer would rather work with people useful to him, but is often seen going off alone doing his own business. What could it be that occupies the mind of the man who cannot recall his true name?

Atop a hill of blades, he continues to pray.

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