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Aniplus Character Tournament, abbreviated as ACT or Aketo (애캐토), is an online mixed-gender anime character popularity contest organized by South Korean channel and anime distributor The website -- and the contest by extension -- is restricted to South Korean users only, unless an outsider uses a VPN to bypass this restriction. Introduced in 2013, Aketo is the nominal successor to Anizone's Korea Best Moe Tournament, which was discontinued following a series of events involving Gintama fans in the 2012 male contest.

The tournament is currently the only remaining active major saimoe contest held in Korea and Japan. However, its vote scale is not too large (about 1500 ~ 3000), which may be attributed to several factors such as:

  1. Exclusivity - Only Korean IP addresses can access the website. Furthermore, in order to vote, a user must register their account using a mobile phone number or i-PIN (Internet personal identification number). This method of registration reduces the possibility of vote rigging.
  2. The existence of competitive networks (Animax Korea, Netflix, etc.)
  3. Lack of its awareness.

In most of Aketo's editions, female characters tend to be priortized more often than males. The reason is just simple: Female voter accounts are rarely observed in the website.



  • Only characters who appeared in a Japanese-produced animated medium that was broadcasted / distributed by Aniplus within a given year are allowed.
  • Characters who only appeared before December-released contents cannot participate in this contest.
  • Humans, Humanoids, and also Non-Humans are all allowed.
  • Characters who have very BRIEF appearances are also eligible (case by case).
  • The very first Character Pools are presented by Company's policy: List of characters by categorized by medium. (10 ~12 characters per one content)
  • Cancelled shows in are not allowed to nominate any characters.

Tournament Format[]

All editions are composed of 3 ~ 4 stages.

  1. Qualifying Stage: This round selects TOP 3 characters from each series that was broadcasted in Aniplus during a given year.
  2. Preliminaries: All qualified characters will be split into several groups which will play each other on a limited-voting format (vote a maximum of 1 / 2 / 3 etc. characters per group). Only 32 characters can advance to Main Stage.
  3. Main Stage: (Except 2013~2015 editions): Ro32 and Ro16. Each round consists of 4-member groups, again on a limited-voting format. Top 2 characters from each group advance to the next round.
  4. Bracket Stage: Single-elimination format. Bracket match-ups are determined by Ro16 results. A third-place consolation match will be played between losing semi-finalists.

Contest Results[]

Edition Winner Runner-up Third place Fourth place
2013 Houtarou.png Houtarou Oreki Mashiro.png Mashiro Shiina Eru.png Eru Chitanda Saber.png Saber
2014 Chiyo s.png Chiyo Sakura Rin tohsaka.png Rin Tohsaka Kosaki.png Kosaki Onodera Saber.png Saber
2015 Producer cg.png Producer (Idolmaster CG) Kotori minami.png Kotori Minami Maki ll.png Maki Nishikino Shinobu Oshino Shinobu Oshino
2016 Rem.png Rem Shinobu Oshino Shinobu Oshino Emilia.png Emilia Reina.png Reina Kousaka
2017 Chino.png Chino Kafuu Kanna.png Kanna Kamui Schwi.png Schwi Dola Sagiri.png Sagiri Izumi
2018 Megumi Katou Megumi Katou Utaha.png Utaha Kasumigaoka Maisan.png Mai Sakurajima Alice z.png Alice Zuberg
2019 Maisan.png Mai Sakurajima Alice z.png Alice Zuberg Kaede bgs.png Kaede Azusagawa Hestia.png Hestia
2020 Elaina.png Elaina Megumi Katou Megumi Katou Karyl.png Karyl Rem.png Rem


In Main Stage,

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