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Screenshot of r/anime's front page. Taken on 2021 June 23.

The r/anime subreddit is a board of Reddit, an American news aggregator, social media, and forum website. The subreddit primarily discusses Japanese animation and related content. As of May 2021, r/anime has over 2 million subscribers.



In the context of this wiki, r/anime organizes year-round popularity contests which are hosted by its users, and conducted through the AnimeBracket website. They are as follows:

Major Character Contests:

  • Best Girl - Held every June. This is r/anime's first, biggest, and saltiest event.
  • Best Guy - Males only. Held during the Winter months (February-March).
  • Best Character - Mixed-gender contest. Held during the Fall months (October-December).

Other Events:

  • Seasonal Salt - A series of contests meant to decide the "best girl" of each anime season. Started in Summer 2017. From 2018 onwards, a Best Girl of [Year] tournament will be contested between each season's elite eight.
  • Best Couples / Ships - Also known as Salty Sea, this is the resident shipping tournament.
  • Best OP - Best opening song.
  • Best ED - Best ending song.

Special Events:

  • Best of the Best - r/anime's version of Tournament of Champions. The 1st edition involved all semi-finalists of previous major character contests at the time, while the 2nd edition was restricted to champions only.
  • Favorite Anime - Self-explanatory.
  • 12-Hour Best Girl - Host messed up the final match, so it's held in Strawpoll instead.
  • 24-Hour Best Girl - Celebration of r/anime's 1,000,000 subscribers in May 2019.
  • 24-Hour Worst (?) Girl - The name switched from "Best" to "Worst" as celebration of 2020 April Fools event.


Voting policy

  • Since all r/anime contests are held in AnimeBracket, a voter is required to register / login their reddit account in order to participate.
  • To prevent sockpuppets, all accounts must be at least 2 months old.
  • Voters must answer a ReCAPTCHA before they can submit their votes.


  • Lasts around 2-4 days
  • Enter name, anime, and image link (must be from MAL or AniList, otherwise it is rejected.)
  • No NSFW images (graphic violence and explicit nudity)
  • Entries which debuted in a certain period of time may NOT be allowed (generally one year for characters)
  • Previous champions are NOT allowed.
  • Additional restrictions may be present depending on the contest.


  • All nominees are split into multiple groups depending on number
  • Each group lasts 1 day
  • Approval voting format
  • Contestants will advance to the main bracket based on adjusted votes --- the number of votes relative to the amount of voters who participated in the contestant's respective round.

Main Bracket

  • Single-elimination bracket
  • Each round may be split into 2 or 4 groups
  • Voting lasts 1 day
  • Results are revealed immediately after voting ends. Voting for the next group starts at the same time.
  • Quarter-finals and onward last one day each
  • AnimeBracket has no third-place matches; if one is even held, it will be on a different polling website.

Salt of Fame[]

Major Character Contests[]

A dagger denotes that the player would go on to win the following Best Character contest, banning them from future Best Girl / Guy Contests.

Best Girl

Best Girl Final Four
Best Girl 1 (2014)
Winner Runner-up Semi-finalists
Kurisu.png Kurisu Makise Holo Holo Hitagi.png Hitagi Senjougahara Inaba.png Himeko Inaba
Steins;Gate Spice & Wolf Monogatari Kokoro Connect
Best Girl 2 - The Salt Will (NOT) Stop Coming !!! (2015)
Winner Runner-up Semi-finalists
Yukino.png Yukino Yukinoshita Saber.png Saber Hitagi.png Hitagi Senjougahara Yui yuigahama.png Yui Yuigahama
Oregairu Fate/stay night Monogatari Oregairu
Best Girl 3 - Saltdust Crusaders (2016)
Winner Runner-up Semi-finalists
Mikoto.png Mikoto Misaka Megumi t.png Megumi Tadokoro Hitagi.png Hitagi Senjougahara Holo Holo
Raildex Shokugeki no Soma Monogatari Spice & Wolf
Best Girl 4 - A Certain Salty Railgun (2017)
Winner Runner-up Semi-finalists
Rin tohsaka.png Rin Tohsaka Yui yuigahama.png Yui Yuigahama Ryuuko Matoi Ryuuko Matoi Shinobu Oshino Shinobu Oshino
Fate/stay night Oregairu Kill la Kill Monogatari
Best Girl 5 - Legend of the Galactic Waifu (2018)
Winner Runner-up Semi-finalists
Rem.png Rem Aqua.png Aqua Ochako.png Ochako Uraraka Holo Holo
Re:Zero Konosuba My Hero Academia Spice & Wolf
Best Girl 6 - Starting Salt in Another Contest (2019)
Winner Runner-up 3rd 4th
Asuna.png Asuna Yuuki Winry Rockbell Winry Rockbell Aqua.png Aqua Mikasa.png Mikasa Ackerman
Sword Art Online Fullmetal Alchemist Konosuba Attack on Titan
Best Girl 7 - Salt Art Online: Alkalinization (2020)
Winner Runner-up 3rd 4th
Kaguya.png Kaguya Shinomiya Maisan.png Mai Sakurajima Hayasaka 3.png Ai Hayasaka Holo Holo
Kaguya-sama Bunny Girl Senpai Kaguya-sama Spice & Wolf
Best Girl 8 - Salt is War (2021)
Winner Runner-up 3rd 4th
Maisan.png Mai Sakurajima Shouko.png Shouko Nishimiya Holo Holo Aqua.png Aqua
Bunny Girl Senpai A Silent Voice Spice & Wolf Konosuba
Best Girl 9 - TBD (2022)
Winner Runner-up 3rd 4th
Best Girl X - TBD (2023)
Winner Runner-up 3rd 4th

Best Guy

Best Guy Final Four
Best Guy 1 (2015)
Winner Runner-up Semi-finalists
Lelouch.png Lelouch Lamperouge Kamina.png Kamina Okabe.png Rintarou Okabe Kiritsugu.png Kiritsugu Emiya
Code Geass Gurren Lagann Steins;Gate Fate/Zero
Best Guy 2 (2016)
Winner Runner-up Semi-finalists
Koyomi.png Koyomi Araragi Okabe.png Rintarou Okabe Roy.png Roy Mustang Kiritsugu.png Kiritsugu Emiya
Monogatari Steins;Gate Fullmetal Alchemist Fate/Zero
Best Guy 3 - Shiomonogatari (2017)
Winner Runner-up Semi-finalists
Spike.png Spike Spiegel Okabe.png Rintarou Okabe Gintoki.png Gintoki Sakata Kazuma.png Kazuma Satou
Cowboy Bebop Steins;Gate Gintama Konosuba
Best Guy 4 - You're Gonna Carry That Salt (2018)
Winner Runner-up Semi-finalists
Koro.png Koro-sensei Edward.png Edward Elric Okabe.png Rintarou Okabe Kazuma.png Kazuma Satou
Assassination Classroom Fullmetal Alchemist Steins;Gate Konosuba
Best Guy 5 - Hello, Salty Star! (2019)
Winner Runner-up Semi-finalists
Mob.png Shigeo Kageyama Edward.png Edward Elric Killua.png Killua Zoldyck Kazuma.png Kazuma Satou
Mob Psycho 100 Fullmetal Alchemist Hunter x Hunter Konosuba
Best Guy 6 - Salt Psycho 100 (2020)
Winner Runner-up 3rd 4th
Levi.png Levi Ackerman Saitama.png Saitama Edward.png Edward Elric All might.png All Might
Attack on Titan One Punch Man Fullmetal Alchemist My Hero Academia
Best Guy 7 - Attack on Salt (2021)
Winner Runner-up Semi-finalists
Miyuki shirogane.png Miyuki Shirogane Ishigami.png Yuu Ishigami Subaru1.png Subaru Natsuki Reigen.png Reigen Arataka
Kaguya-sama Kaguya-sama Re:Zero Mob Psycho 100
Best Guy 8 - TBD (2022)
Winner Runner-up 3rd 4th

Best Character

Best Character Final Four
/r/anime's Best Anime Character (2015)
Winner Runner-up Semi-finalists
Roy.png Roy Mustang Lelouch.png Lelouch Lamperouge Kurisu.png Kurisu Makise Iskandar.png Rider (Iskandar)
Fullmetal Alchemist Code Geass Steins;Gate Fate/Zero
Best Character 2 - Of Kings and Salthood (2016)
Winner Runner-up Semi-finalists
Hitagi.png Hitagi Senjougahara Kurisu.png Kurisu Makise Spike.png Spike Spiegel Edward.png Edward Elric
Monogatari Steins;Gate Cowboy Bebop Fullmetal Alchemist
Best Character 3 - 3-gatsu no Salt!!! (2017)
Winner Runner-up Semi-finalists
Shinobu Oshino Shinobu Oshino Okabe.png Rintarou Okabe Megumin.png Megumin Edward.png Edward Elric
Monogatari Steins;Gate Konosuba Fullmetal Alchemist
Best Character 4 - Salt-Under-Blade (2018)
Winner Runner-up Semi-finalists
Okabe.png Rintarou Okabe Megumin.png Megumin Ryuuko Matoi Ryuuko Matoi Kazuma.png Kazuma Satou
Steins;Gate Konosuba Kill la Kill Konosuba
Best Character 5 - Salts;Gate (2020)
Winner Runner-up Semi-finalists
Edward.png Edward Elric Eren.png Eren Yeager Megumin.png Megumin Erwin.png Erwin Smith
Fullmetal Alchemist Attack on Titan Konosuba Attack on Titan
Best Character 6 - TBD (2021)
Winner Runner-up 3rd 4th

Other Events[]

Seasonal Salt

Seasonal Salt Winners
Seasonal Salt 2017 (Winner: Not held)
Not held Not held Summer Fall
-- -- Yuki m.png Yuki Minagawa Moriko.png Moriko Morioka
-- -- Tsurezure Children Net-juu no Susume
Seasonal Salt 2018 (Winner: Maisan.png Mai Sakurajima)
Winter Spring Summer Fall
02.png Zero Two Anzu (Hinamatsuri) Anzu Chisa.png Chisa Kotegawa Maisan.png Mai Sakurajima
Darling in the Franxx Hinamatsuri Grand Blue Bunny Girl Senpai
Seasonal Salt 2019 (Winner: Kaguya.png Kaguya Shinomiya)
Winter Spring Summer Fall
Kaguya.png Kaguya Shinomiya Bocchi.png Hitori Bocchi Shinobu kny.png Shinobu Kochou Ristarte.png Ristarte
Kaguya-sama Hitoribocchi Kimetsu no Yaiba Cautious Hero
Seasonal Salt 2020 (Winner: Tsukasa tsu.png Tsukasa Tsukuyomi - Tonikaku Kawaii)
Winter Spring Summer Fall
Maple.png Kaede "Maple" Honjou Miko.png Miko Iino Chizuru i.png Chizuru Ichinose Nobara.png Nobara Kugisaki
Bofuri Kaguya-sama Rental Girlfriend Jujutsu Kaisen
Seasonal Salt 2021 (Winner: TBD)
Winter Spring Summer Fall
Kyouko h.png Kyouko Hori Vivy.png Vivy TBD TBD
Horimiya Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song

Best Couples / Ships

Salty Sea Champions
Edition Winner Series Final Date Bracket
Salty Sea I Kraft.png Holo Kraft Lawrence x Holo Spice & Wolf 2015-06-09 Link
Salty Sea II Okabe.png Kurisu.png Rintarou Okabe x Kurisu Makise Steins;Gate 2016-07-20 Link
Salty Sea III Koyomi.png Hitagi.png Koyomi Araragi x Hitagi Senjougahara Monogatari 2017-08-10 Link
Salty Sea IV Roy.png Riza.png Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye Fullmetal Alchemist 2018-09-03 Link
Salty Sea V Shouya.png Shouko.png Shouya Ishida x Shouko Nishimiya A Silent Voice 2019-08-25 Link
Salty Sea VI Sakuta.png Maisan.png Sakuta Azusagawa x Mai Sakurajima Bunny Girl Senpai 2020-09-07 Link
Salty Sea VII

Best OP

r/anime's Best Openings
# Winner Artist Series Final Date Bracket Creditless Video / Full Audio
I Again Yui Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (OP1) 2014-08-13 Challonge Video (my mixtape)
II Hacking to the Gate Kanako Itou Steins;Gate (2011) ??? AB Link Video (Ep. 24-25 ver.)
III Unravel Toru Kitajima Tokyo Ghoul (OP1) 2015-06-07 Link Video
IV Flyers BRADIO Death Parade 2016-03-28 Link Video
V A Cruel Angel's Thesis Yoko Takahashi Evangelion 2017-04-18 Link Video
VI Tank! Seatbelts Cowboy Bebop 2018-03-21 Link Video
VII Renai Circulation Kana Hanazawa Bakemonogatari (OP4) 2019-04-19 Link Video
VIII Guren no Yumiya Linked Horizon Attack on Titan (S1 OP1) 2020-04-13 Link Video
IX 99 Mob Choir Mob Psycho 100 (S1) 2021-06-06 Link Video

Best ED

r/anime's Best Endings
# Winner Artist Series Final Date Bracket Creditless Video / Full Audio
I Wareta Ringo Risa Taneda Shinsekai yori (ED1) 2014-10-10 Pastebin Video
II Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari Supercell Bakemonogatari 2016-09-26 AB Link Video
III Don't say "lazy" Houkago Tea Time K-On! (S1) 2017-09-16 Link Video
IV NO, Thank You! Houkago Tea Time K-On! (S2 ED2) 2018-10-04 Link Video
V Listen!!! Houkago Tea Time K-On! (S2 ED1) 2019-09-26 Link Video
VI Magia Kalafina Madoka Magica (ED2) 2021-02-05 Link Video

Special Events[]

r/anime's other contests
# Winner Final Date Host Bracket
Best of the Best I Kurisu.png Kurisu Makise 2017-04-29 ShaKing807 Link
Best of the Best II Okabe.png Rintarou Okabe 2020-04-07 ShaKing807 Link
Favorite Anime I Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 2015-01-28 MissyPie Link
Favorite Anime II Steins;Gate 2019-06-09 mpp00, FetchFrosh Link
12-Hour Best Girl Kurisu.png Kurisu Makise (178-162 final result) 2015-09-26 NutOfDeath AB Link
24-Hour Best Girl Maisan.png Mai Sakurajima 2019-05-22 AnimeMod Link
24-Hour Worst (?) Girl Homura.png Homura Akemi 2020-04-01 AnimeMod Link


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