Ai Hayasaka is a supporting character featured in Aka Akasaka's manga and anime series Kaguya-sama: Love is War.

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A member of the Kaguya-sama power trio, Hayasaka is a force to be reckoned with in the saimoe contests due to the show's massive popularity, her own attractive personality, and her competence as Shinomiya's servant and friend. While she is criticized by some users because of her relatively less screentime than the main leads, it does not affect her performance most of the time.

in r/anime Ai finished runner-up in the Winter 2019 contest, and lost to Chika in the semi-finals of the yearly seasonal bracket. In her first appearance In her rookie season, she finished third in Best Girl 7 after beating Holo in the consolation match; and despite the same-series mat to that she came the closest to beating eventual champion Kaguya in a semi-final loss. On the other hand, Hayasaka easily made the playoffs in the 2020 edition of International Saimoe League; a close win over Rikka sent her to the quarter-finals where she lost to Kaguya (again).

Rivalry with Chika
In the saimoe contests, Hayasaka shares a rivalry with Chika Fujiwara as the two have a history of one-upping each other on best finishes throughout their history on r/anime and ISML. While Chika appears to be more popular with anime-only watchers, Hayasaka is the second-most popular girl among manga readers.


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