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Ai haibara profile.png
Kanji 灰原 哀
Korean 하이바라 아이
Alias Sherry, Shiho Miyano, Anita Hailey, Vi Graythorn
Anime Detective Conan
AST 2002 (R1), 2005 (R1), 2006 (R1), 2007 (R1), 2008 (R1), 2009 (R1), 2010 (R2), 2011 (R1), 2014 (R1)
KBM 2006 (T64), 2008 (T64), 2009 (T16)
Seiyuu Megumi Hayashibara

Ai Haibara is a supporting character from Gosho Aoyama's manga and anime series Detective Conan.


Character profile[]

Ai Haibara (Anita Hailey in the American release and Vi Graythorn in the movies) is the alias of Shiho Miyano, a former member of the villainous Black Organization who worked as a researcher under the codename "Sherry". Born into a family of Black Organization members, Shiho is a gifted chemist who was responsible for creating the lethal toxin APTX 4689. After her sister was killed, she betrayed the organization and attempted suicide by ingesting the pill, but instead of dying, her body shrunk into a child's size (similar to Shinichi Kudo, another victim of the toxin). Shiho escaped the organization and was found by Dr. Agata, who took her in and gave her the name "Ai Haibara" to protect her real identity.

Ai is one of the few people who knows of Conan's true name.

Contest profile[]

Ai is the most popular female among the series' massive cast of characters. Because of the anime's long-running schedule, Ai has appeared in many editions of 2channel's Saimoe but never won a single match. In the Anizone counterpart she managed a top 16 finish in the 2008 edition.

Haibara has also competed in the International Saimoe League, debuting in the 2016 edition and establishing herself as one of the regularly-appearing contestants a few years later. In 2018 she competed in her first and only necklace match to date, placing 2nd in the Amethyst round behind Chtholly Nota Seniorious.

Match History[]

Anime Saimoe Tournament[]


  • Round 1 icon.png Ikuyo Suzuki > Ai Haibara > Dakki (24-21-9)



  • Round 1 icon.png Rei Mii > Ai Haibara > Kei Shindou (546-462-204)







Korea Best Moe Tournament[]




Contest Wins[]

Total Wins = 7

  1. Baidu Nova Moe 2011
  2. Baidu-Tieba Pindao Datui ACG Moe 2013
  3. 1st Weibo Platform Moe 2014
  4. Baidu Zhonghua(lit. Chinese) Moe Contest 2015
  5. 2016 Hupu Moe - Loli ACG heroine part
  6. Tencent Buluo Moe 2019
  7. Moego Chinese Contest 2020