The Accelerator is a major character featured in the Toaru series of light novels authored by Kazuma Kamachi. Introduced as an antagonist in Toaru Majutsu no Index, he eventually became one of the series' main protagonists alongside Touma Kamijou and Shiage Hamazura, and would later get his own spin-off series titled Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator.

The albino esper is the most popular male character in the series. He is best known as a powerful force in the International Saimoe League, partly due to Misaka's influence in the contest. He was the champion of the first Main Tournament for males which occurred in 2015; prior to that he reached the final of the 2013 male Exhibition Tournament, losing to Hyouka's Houtarou Oreki.

Only one gem award has been given to him --- the 2015 sapphire crown --- as a result of securing the first seed of that year's playoffs due to finishing the regular season with the highest seeding score.

Elsewhere, the white-haired psychic has seen several minor contest victories held mostly within Chinese websites, particularly Bilibili and Tieba Baidu. Accel also remains the most recognizable Raildex male in the Western-majority r/anime contests, despite the series' historically mediocre performance there (oustide BG3 winner Mikoto).

ISML Profile Flavor Text[edit | edit source]

Written by Momento10 (assumed)

The strongest person in the world is in search of more power… or is he?

Accelerator, a boy in possession of a supernatural power which basically makes him invincible, is offered a chance to grow even stronger through participation in a certain experiment. The idea is simple: he just needs to defeat a certain number of clones who get progressively difficult to defeat. Usually, Accelerator would rather do things his way than trust any of these scientists and be ordered around like a lab rat. Besides, he already considers himself the strongest in the world; who cares about some ridiculous experiment? But the potential extra boost in power is tempting and he decides to give things a try… not quite aware of the endless bloody spiral the experiment will drag him into.

Accelerator thrives on being the best, strong enough to take on any thugs who do not know his name and crush those who look down on him. Just his name should be enough to send even common people scurrying away from him. But as he reaches closer to his goal of becoming the strongest, Accelerator shows hints of the loneness haunting him. Accelerator is resolved to shrug those feelings aside, but climbing to the top by himself might be a lot more lonesome than he thought.

Still, Accelerator moves on, believing that this is the only way to achieve the strength he wanted. While it might look like there is nothing that could stop his descent into darkness, a glimmer of hope might be born from the very same experiment leading Accelerator astray. Even for the most powerful person in the world, the warmth of another’s heart might be enough to remind them where true strength comes from.

Character Profile[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

His Japanese name 一方通行 (Ippōtsūkō) literally means "one-way", a reference to the character's ability Vector Change, a power that automatically allows the psychic to change the directions of anything he touches. Because of this ability, most projectiles and explosives are almost always redirected away from him the moment they touch his body, rendering them ineffective.

The international name Accelerator also references Vector Change, and indirectly references particle accelerators as well, because his ability also affects particles such as light, sound, and electricity. The name "Accelerator" is an alias; he has a real name, which is not yet revealed in the story.

Contest History[edit | edit source]

ISML Record[edit | edit source]

Accelerator's Male Exhibitions Record
2011 Round of 96 Group 2M Accel.png Accelerator 2500 1st (Advanced)
Kenshin.png Kenshin Himura 1271
Ulquiorra.png Ulquiorra Cifer 1521
Round of 32 Monkey D. Luffy Monkey D. Luffy 2931 - 2129 Win
Round of 16 Lelouch.png Lelouch vi Britannia 2817 - 2018 Loss
2012 Round of 96 Group I Yuuta.png Yuuta Togashi 3359 3rd (Eliminated)
Takumi.png Takumi Usui 2927
Accel.png Accelerator 2920
Mukuro r.png Mukuro Roukdo 2554
Kyousuke.png Kyousuke Kousaka 2040
Waver.png Waver Velvet 1265
2013 Round of 96 Group P Accel.png Accelerator 5105 1st (Advanced)
Shizuo.png Shizuo Heiwajima 3429
Tetsuya kuroko.png Tetsuya Kuroko 3327
Template:Rei ryu Rei Ryuugazaki 1307
Nagito.png Nagito Komaeda 1234
Template:Ayato s Ayato Sakamaki 840
Round of 32 Takumi.png Takumi Usui 4101 - 2492 Win
Round of 16 Keima.png Keima Katsuragi 3630 - 3353 Win
Quarter-finals Lelouch.png Lelouch vi Britannia 4537 - 4286 Win
Semi-finals Izayoi.png Izayoi Sakamaki 4042 - 3081 Win
Final Houtarou.png Houtarou Oreki 4857 - 5145 Loss (Runner-up)

ISML 2015 --- Champion
Period Round Opponent Score Result
Nominations N/A N/A 158 Rank 2
Male Preliminaries
Elimination rounds
(Approval voting)
Round 1 (Grp B) 9 opponents (bottom 2 out) 3204 1st (Adv.)
Round 2 (Grp B) 7 opponents (bottom 2 out) 2926 1st (Adv.)
Round 3 (Grp B) 7 opponents (top 2 adv. to RS) 2683 1st (Adv. to RS)
2015 Regular Season Male Record:  32-3  (3rd)
Average VF: 3228.686  Average VA: 2236.743   Average VD: 991.943
Seeding score:  643.969  --- 1st, Sapphire Sapphire
Aquamarine Round 1 Keima.png Keima Katsuragi 3169 - 2195 Win
Round 2 Rentaro.png Rentaro Satomi 3130 - 1864 Win
Round 3 Mikoto m.png Mikoto Mikoshiba 3418 - 1935 Win
Round 4 Shizuo.png Shizuo Heiwajima 3739 - 1891 Win
Round 5 Okabe.png Rintarou Okabe 3198 - 1953 Win
Round 6 Kyon1.png Kyon 3124 - 2393 Win
Round 7 Sora.png Sora 3580 - 3960 Loss
Amethyst Round 1 Seiya.png Seiya Kanie 3022 - 2192 Win
Round 2 Levi.png Levi Ackerman 3100 - 1645 Win
Round 3 Ayumu zombie.png Ayumu Aikawa 3185 - 1791 Win
Round 4 Ken kaneki.png Ken Kaneki 3587 - 1655 Win
Round 5 Tatsuya.png Tatsuya Shiba 3346 - 2514 Win
Round 6 Edward.png Edward Elric 3069 - 2265 Win
Round 7 8man.png Hachiman Hikigaya 2909 - 3816 Loss
Ruby Round 1 Touma.png Touma Kamijou 2507 - 1898 Win
Round 2 Yuuta.png Yuuta Togashi 3074 - 2060 Win
Round 3 Raku.png Raku Ichijou 3175 - 2044 Win
Round 4 Ryuunosuke akasaka.png Ryuunosuke Akasaka 3099 - 1765 Win
Round 5 Nozaki.png Umetarou Nozaki 3019 - 1655 Win
Round 6 Gintoki.png Gintoki Sakata 2832 - 2373 Win
Round 7 Archer.png Archer 2826 - 3528 Loss
Emerald Round 1 Ryuuji.png Ryuuji Takasu 2761 - 1973 Win
Round 2 Tomoya.png Tomoya Okazaki 2671 - 2008 Win
Round 3 Yato.png Yato 3058 - 1647 Win
Round 4 L lawliet.png L 3689 - 1943 Win
Round 5 Kiritsugu.png Kiritsugu Emiya 3292 - 2017 Win
Round 6 Gilgamesh.png Gilgamesh 2693 - 1972 Win
Round 7 Izayoi.png Izayoi Sakamaki 4200 - 2590 Win
Topaz Round 1 Yuzuru.png Yuzuru Otonashi 2964 - 2395 Win
Round 2 Shirou.png Shirou Emiya 3706 - 2182 Win
Round 3 Shidou.png Shidou Itsuka 3569 - 2153 Win
Round 4 Izaya.png Izaya Orihara 3412 - 2527 Win
Round 5 Maou sadao.png Sadao Maou 3363 - 2311 Win
Round 6 Sorata.png Sorata Kanda 3415 - 2069 Win
Round 7 Koyomi.png Koyomi Araragi 4103 - 3107 Win
Scepter Playoffs
(seed 1)
Round of 16 (16) Gilgamesh.png Gilgamesh 5049 - 2126 Win
Quarter-finals (8) Edward.png Edward Elric 5560 - 4249 Win
Semi-finals (5) Archer.png Archer 6005 - 5593 Win
Final (6) Koyomi.png Koyomi Araragi 5643 - 5433 Win (Champion)

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